Gallows Point
Anglesey  LL58 8YL

NWVYC Clubhouse and Beaumaris Bay North West Venturers' YC Burgee

North West Venturers’ Yacht Club


Food, Drink and Social events

The Club does not have a regular Bar, but holds a licence for social events held in the Clubhouse. The galley is there for members to use at any time. More organised parties are held in the Clubhouse, where  food and drink is available for a small cost. The biggest parties tend to be those where we entertain other Clubs from in and around the Menai Strait. They reciprocate by entertaining us at their Clubhouses. These social events are always accompanied by some sailing activity. And we hold Start & End of Season parties too.

Barbecues can happen at any time; in the Clubhouse and at cruising destinations during the season. Whilst the Club occasionally provides food for such events, it is more usual for members to fend for themselves. However, the bar is normally open. We would, therefore, advise everybody to have a portable or disposable BBQ on board, together with cooking utensils, food and drink.

Both at cruising destinations and around the Clubhouse we ask you to clear up your own debris and generally help to keep the place tidy by using the waste disposal facilities provided by the council. If the bins are full, please take your rubbish home. If you use the Club’s coffee and tea, please make a small, appropriate contribution in the box provided in the Galley.

The AGM is held at the Clubhouse in November and  all members are encouraged to attend. The Annual Dinner and Dance is a more formal event (though dinner suits are no longer compulsory), normally held in late November. The details of all Club events are published in the Club Newsletter (the Venturer) and can usually be found first in the Events Noticeboard on the Home page.

Weekend Sailing

Programmed sailing events are the overall responsibility of the Vice-Commodore but an Officer of the Day (OoD) is appointed to organise each weekend’s activities.  For additional information, and in particular, last minute changes caused by the weather, contact the OoD by telephone beforehand, call his/her boat on the VHF on the day (please do not use a mobile phone) or look at the Clubhouse Notice board. Typically, 30% of planned events will take place - the others being altered or abandoned because of weather conditions. We like to enjoy our sailing and do not see masochism as a strength!

Each season we try to arrange one or more trips through the Swellies for first timers, likewise passages across Caernarfon Bar or around Anglesey. If you would like more information about these, or would simply like an experienced skipper to give you ‘moral support’, contact the Vice-commodore or Sailing Captain.

Summer Cruises

Watch the Notice boards, web site and ‘The Venturer’ for details of the Summer Cruises. Many members enjoy the local scenery cruising on the North Coast of Anglesey, or perhaps venturing as far the Isle of Man, or south into Cardigan Bay. More experienced members have cruised the waters of Southern and Northern Ireland, Scotland, Southern England, the Scillies, the Channel Islands, France and Spain - not to mention the Med. and a circumnavigation or two! Help is always at hand for skippers and crew undertaking their first cruise. Speak to the Vice commodore in the first instance if you need any advice or information.

Club Maintenance

Working parties are held at the start and end of each season to keep the premises and surrounding area looking respectable.  They are organised by the House Officer and it does help if you can bring tools with you.



The Club maintains a web site and publishes a Newsletter (the Venturer) at regular intervals with contributions from members. The Notice boards also offer means of finding out about cruises, weekend events, races, ‘For Sale’, crew lists etc.  Occasionally last minute information will be promulgated via email. The web site is the preferred method of communication about Events with a Blog on the Home page and forums for other activities and a Scran Bag.

The Club can only communicate with you if it knows how to find you! SO PLEASE KEEP YOUR DETAILS UP TO DATE by telling the Membership Secretary when they change (especially email addresses and mobile phone numbers) preferably by using the online update form. (

VHF Radio telephone.

At sea, the Club uses VHF Channel 69 as its unofficial communication channel. Most members will monitor this for up to date information about the weekend’s events. However, it is usual to call boats in the usual way on Ch.16 before transferring, so that other members may ‘earwig’. Use another channel or DSC if you want a private conversation.

Mobile phones are not suitable for marine communications and all Clubs yachts should have their VHF R/T switched on during Club events.

The Club is run by members, for members. The committee always needs new committed members to help run the Club. So do get involved - your comments will always be welcome, and your offers of help will be gratefully received. We hope that the following notes will be useful, representing as they do, the position we have reached after fifty years of changing needs and interests.

General Club Facilities

Facilities available to all members include:


The Clubhouse is covered by a WiFi system which extends a short distance into Beaumaris Bay.


The Club has two moorings (marked NWVYC). The one nearest the Clubhouse is available to all members for victualling. Boats must not be left unattended or overnight. The other is available to new members awaiting their permanent mooring. Enquiries about the use of the Club moorings should be directed to the Sailing Captain.

Dinghy Store:

For both dinghies & outboards & outboards. Clean mooring tackle may also be stored in the Dinghy Store over the winter.

Oar Store:

Available free to all members. The key is kept in the Clubhouse, please return it after use.


Tap in front of the Clubhouse. Our supply is metered - please be miserly.


(Two in both Gents & Ladies). Please clean after use. Guests and visitors are asked to contribute £1 in the boxes in each Heads.


Coffee, tea etc. can usually be found in a jar in one of the cupboards. Please contribute what you feel is an appropriate amount in  the Galley money box.


iFitted with heaters for general use, but if you find yourself spending the night there (!) please contribute to electricity costs.

Chart Library:

Donated by members and not updated, where you can peruse charts, Cruising Guides and books both technical and fictional.


Located near the entrance to the lounge.

Car Park:

Alongside and to rear of Clubhouse.