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Cruising trophies

The current list of cruising trophies is shown below and every Club member is encouraged to put in an annual bid for at least one of them.

Commodore’s Cup

This is the Club’s ‘top’ trophy and is awarded to the member who submits the best Log for a cruise of 10 days duration or more. Logs may be any format - even handwritten. The judges look for cruising information (Harbour info, dangers, co-ordinates etc) rather than ‘holiday’ narrative. See our sample log for typical content. This format also meets the SOLAS V requirements for passage planning.

Venturer’s Cup

This is awarded for an outstanding sailing achievement by any member during the year.

Storm Trophy

Awarded at the discretion of the committee for a sailing achievement by a relative newcomer to

Junkette Bowl

Awarded to the yacht which cruises to the furthest point of call (from the Clubhouse) in Ireland (North or South about).

Junior Venturer’s Award

Awarded at the discretion of the committee for achievement by a junior member.

Kioni Cup

Awarded to the winner of the Children’s Log Competition for logs of cruises of any duration from a day sail upwards.

St. Kilda trophy

A plaque is mounted on the wall of the Clubhouse bearing the names of every Club yacht and skipper who has visited St. Kilda. The trophy was presented by Club members in 1979 as a memorial to Dick Partington, the Club’s Training Officer for many years, who, in Lindora, was the first Club member to reach St. Kilda.

Rock Trophy

The one trophy that members strive not to win. Awarded by the current holder to the member who, in his opinion, has made the best contribution to the ‘Chronicle of Collisions, Impacts, and Groundings’ during the season. Presentation is usually made at the Club Dinner/Dance, accompanied by a poem - a tradition started in the 1970s by John Powell and feared more than the trophy itself!

Log Trophies

The Log Trophies are awarded at the Annual Dinner, and are judged by a small group comprising the Flag Officers & Sailing Captain. The Club has never been good at setting a deadline for receipt of Logs, but end-September is probably a good target to have in mind. Similarly, no rules have been set for what it should contain. The Log should contain as much information as possible to anyone else repeating the cruise, together with standard Log data. The lists below may be helpful (but are in no way mandatory or limiting).
The Clubhouse has an archive of some of the Logs of yesteryear which might be useful as templates.
Passage Information:
• Daily departure & arrival ports, ETD and ETA, Tidal data
• Alternative destinations (in case of emergency or poor conditions).
• Photos of harbour entrances and anchorages, with information about depths, shoals and shelter.
• Availability of stores (fuel, water, spare parts etc.)
• Photos and drawings of harbour/anchorage features.