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Power (not always) gives way to sail


Early in July 2012, the sand hopper City of Cardiff, was on her way from Port Penrhyn to Puffin Sound when she caught up with a race from Beaumaris to the Sound. One yacht (on starboard tack) stood on and the dredger had to take action to avoid a collision.

There will no doubt be a discussion about which ColReg should be applied (and Stena Ferries even asks yachts in the middle of the Irish Sea not to change course if they see a ferry approaching). However, in the confines of the Menai Strait, there can be no exceptions to the principle that big ships have Right of Way and ColReg 9(b) rules.

All of which begs the question about how big a vessel has to be in order to become a “big ship”.

Marine Conservation Area
Responses from the Club, Caernarfon Harbour and Royal Welsh Yacht Club may be viewed by members in the Members’ Only part of the site. See BBC link.

From time to time something happens which may influence Club members, or may be of interest to them. It could be a small thing, like the Olympic Torch - or a potential major disruption, such as the proposals for Marine Conservation Zones or the Celtic Array windfarm. Some issues may stay on the page for months - others may be transitory. Issues which generate discussion will be transferred to one of the Club Forums to allow a free exchange of views.

Reports of Club events, and the gallery of beauty spots have been retained and are immediately accessible from the navigation bars (top & left sidebar).

Members who come across newsworthy items are asked to send details to the webmaster for inclusion on this page.

Offshore Windfarms

In October 2012 Centrica revealed its plans for a windfarm of up to 440 turbines, placed directly on track between Anglesey and the Isle of Man. It will be just over 10nm off the north Anglesey coast. This is the first of three similarly sized windfarms in the patch between Anglesey and Isle of Man and within the boundaries shown, to be known as the Celtic Array. This first will be Windfarm Rhiannon.

Some time ago, the RYA asked all clubs to give them details of leisure traffic in the area and the graphic shows the results of that project. With the results of similar projects carried out with fishermen, ferries and shipping companies it has been used to determine that a windfarm in the marked area will be viable!

The developers say that the estimated capacity of the windfarm will be 2.2 GW, but they don’t say if this is the maximum capacity when the turbines are flat out or the average production level allowing for stoppages when there is either insufficient wind or too much wind.

To see the scoping documents, CLICK HERE.

For a different (wider?) perspective on wind farms, see the Anglesey Against Wind Turbines web site.

New Crossing for the Menai Strait?

Building a third bridge over the Menai Strait is back on the agenda, government officials have confirmed. Consultants will this year finally be drafted in to look at how to solve traffic woes between Anglesey and Gwynedd, which regularly sees drivers take more than 10 minutes to travel just a quarter of a mile.

It comes six years after a consultation commissioned by the Welsh Government came up with eight options to ease traffic backlogs on the existing Britannia and Menai bridges.

Beaumaris Pier bites the dust!

Members may remember the high winds and tides earlier this year, when parts of Beaumaris were nearly floated out to sea. The pontoon performed perfectly, lifted on its piles and destroyed some of the infrastructure which surrounds, or surrounded, it.

If you were planning to use it for victualling from the Beaumaris shops - don’t!

Check with the local council (Alun Price’s and John Owen’s contact details are on page 28 of the 2013 Yearbook)      

Yearbook etc.

The Yearbook, two Sailing Programme Cards, a Venturer and YOUR MEMBERSHIP CARD left the printers on 13th March, which should allow members plenty of time to get their tools ready for the Working Party and commit the new DOOR CODE to memory (sic!)


The North West Boat Jumble will be held on 17th March in Middlewich.


The North Wales Boat Jumble will be held on 28th July at Bodelwydden.

The North Wales Boat Show will be held from 24-28 July at Conwy.