Sail in company with the North West Venturers


The Club uses the Portsmouth Yardstick (PY) Number system. This is administered by the Royal Yachting Association, and is based on the observed speed of yachts as opposed to a guess based on measurement of the boat. It is a feature of the system that the Handicap Coordinator can change handicaps based on observed performance so handicaps once given (or listed) may be changed at any time. The form below gives us all the information we need to calculate a PY for your boat by identifying its differences from a National list of PY’s for similar yachts.This information may seem extensive and a PY can be obtained without (all of) it, but the more information supplied the more accurate the PY will be.

It does assist if handicaps are allocated before racing but this is not a bar to participating, as we want as many members to enjoy taking part as possible. Race winners are calculated by applying the handicap to the Elapsed time to produce a corrected time for the race, the lowest corrected time wins!

Key to Yacht Configurations
ONo spinnaker
CConventional spinnaker
ACruising chute or Asymmetrical spinnaker
IBXInboard engine with X blades
IBFInboard engine with feathering blades
OBInboard engine
FFixed keel
2KTwo bilge keels


Comments on handicaps should be addressed to the Handicap Coordinator (Mike Butterfield)