This is the usual yadayada ..... !

In the litiginous world in which we live, we regret to say that the North West Venturers’ Yacht Club  has to issue a disclaimer.

We KNOW that no self respecting yotties would blame anybody else for their own short comings, but just to be on the safe side the following are intended to ensure that the North West Venturers Yacht Club (NWVYC) and its members accept absolutely no responsibility for anything which may go wrong during any event, as an alleged consequence of data contained in this web site or anywhere else in any Club publication or as a result of any advice or comment given by any Club member, be they a committee member or an ordinary member.

Members of the NWVYC, their guests and visitors, may use the facilities of the Club, entirely at their own risk and by implication accept that:

If you are new to sailing, remember that the sport is inherently risky and that the skipper is at all times responsible for the boat and its crew. Rescue or recovery from a situation can itself be slow, dangerous and uncertain. In other words, even if you are sailing in company, don't expect anybody else to get you out of trouble - they may have their own problems to attend to!

That said, not many yotties are killed each year!